Multi image created from objects (X-Ray and MRI)
70 x 100cm

Susan Ridge

Susan Ridge (b. Nottinghamshire, UK) studied: BA Fine Art, Kingston College of Art, London and Goldsmiths College. London. Recent exhibitions include: Embroidered Minds of the Morris Women, Queen Square Neurological Hospital Library, London (2016); Things we didn’t have before – Curious Objects, Pump House Gallery, London (2015) and Chelsea Staff Show, Triangle Space, Chelsea College of Art, London (2016). Awards include: Photography Prize winner, London Group Open Exhibition (2015) and Lumen Prize, Online Gallery Exhibition (2014). She lives and works in [TBC]  

Ridge’s recent print work is created from X-ray images, which are developed from commissions with various radiology departments and museums. The images begin as basic X-ray files which are digitally transformed, and reconfigured. The artist is interested in making visible the inner history of objects, looking beneath the surface and re-working the black and white images into something unforeseen and elusive. She says, “I often juxtapose and collage objects subverting their meaning, for example Rudolf Nureyev's hat with toy on a chair. The image is a digital X-ray of Nureyev's velvet hat, sitting on a chair like a ghost. The X-ray exposes a child's toy hidden under the hat, when switched on the toy lights up, plays strange music and dances around.”  


You can see Susan Ridge's work at Gallery North

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