Here and There #3C
Multiple-plate etching, screenprinted charcoal powder
28cm x 61cm

Nif Hodgson

Nif Hodgson (b. Washington, D.C., USA) studied BA, University of Texas, USA (1997) and MA Fine Art Printmaking, San Francisco State University, California (2012). Selected group exhibitions include: Seen / Unseen, St Mary’s College Museum of Art, Moraga, USA (2016); Palimpsest, Soltesz Fine Art Gallery, Portland, USA (2016) and Art/Kala, Kala Gallery, Berkeley, USA (2016). Awards include: SFSU Book Arts Residency, collaboration with poet Carolyn Ho (2013); Stillwell Scholarship (2011); California Society of Printmakers Commissioned Print (2008). Kala Art Institute, Artist in residence (2000-2005). She lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Hodgson says of her work, “We experience the space around us through continually shifting conditions. We observe, layer and overlook countless details to compose a unique, unrepeatable, and momentary 'sense of place'. Our senses perceive sound, light, and movement; language influences what we notice; memory records and references; time stretches with new experiences and contracts with the familiar. The way we experience our surroundings shapes this sense of place as much as our surroundings direct these experiences. 

To investigate these relationships, I use the repeatable, unpredictable, and tactile qualities of printmaking. And through suggestive or shifting scenes, I create a space to consider where place and perception meet, and the complexities in the simple act of looking.”  


You can see Nif Hodgson's work at Northern Print

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