A Classic on Vinyl 2
Etching and Printed Vinyl Record
50cm x 52cm

Liz K Miller

Liz K Miller (b. 1983 Hexham, UK) studied BA (Hons Illustration, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (2006) and MA Fine Art, University of the Arts London (2009). Selected groups exhibitions include: Don't Drink the Milk, TripSpace Gallery, London (2014); Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (2014); Golden Centaur Lithography Exhibition, Munich (2009). Solo exhibitions include: Bearspace Gallery, London (2015). Recent prizes include: NEO Art Prize Intaglio Award (2015); Spike Print Studio Award (2014); and Medway Fine Printmakers Prize (2013). She lives and works in London.  

Liz K Miller’s Alternative Notation System maps music as circular rather than linear graphic score. These images create a new way of visualizing and interpreting music. If a motif within the music repeats, the score must form a new concentric circle, thus mapping out a diagram that appears to have grown organically. This work considers how repetitive patterns are seductive to human beings, who thrive on cyclical, repetitive behavior. Organic sequences, found in nature, are applied to the context of music to examine the draw of cycles and repetition, two compelling and innate influences on the human psyche.


You can see Liz K Miller's work at Gallery North

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