Mini Carceri 2
Relief, emboss, deboss
18cm x 18cm

Alison Bernal

Alison Bernal (b. 1955 Colchester, UK), studied at Middlesex College; Goldsmiths College and Morley College, London. Recent exhibitions include: Fifty Years of Artists Prints; Celebrating Fifty years of the Printmakers Council, Bankside Gallery (2015); East London Printmakers, Embassy Tea Gallery, London (2015) and National Original Print, Bankside, London (2014 and 2015). Prizes include: John Purcell Paper Award (2013). Lives and works in London.

These series of works are a response to and deconstruction of, Piranesi's 18th century prints of prisons - Carceri. The first works were developed as an exercise in tone. Using only black ink the artist was interested in the effects of printing verso and recto and made a small series of mini prints (Mini Carceri - series of 3). As the project continued the intention became to show space and depth with minimal means and use embossing and relief methods to achieve this. The final pieces (Open Space - series of 4) extend this in increased scale.


You can see Alison Bernal's work at Gallery North


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