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J.L. Abraham

Homage to the Alphabet is a result of an interest in text, pattern and colour and aggregation: creating series and combining works within these.

Lisa Andrén

The dual and opposing interests Andrén as a reflection, twins, front / back, comes / goes.

Dana Ariel

Photographed in different seasons between 2010-16, images are etched in CMYK on four copper plates and printed on top of each other.

Alison Bernal

Bernal's series of works are a response to and deconstruction of, Piranesi's 18th century prints of prisons - Carceri.

Marcin Bialas

The world he creates in his prints is based upon common phenomena such as the structures of urban architecture, social infrastructure and the constant changes and movements in the urban landscape.

Lisa Bulawsky

Through discrete works on paper, installation, and ephemeral projects in the public sphere, Bulawsky explores the relationship between the individual and the larger social body.

Zenon Burdy

Burdy makes abstract linocuts that present symbolic elements which give the viewer the opportunity to think and interpret the images in their own way.

Kevin Frances

Frances uses traditional Japanese woodcut techniques to create his interior scenes, devoid of people but full of the evidence of their lives.

A.M. Leka and Vic Godard 

Each diptych brings together Godard’s handwritten lyrics printed by hand with Leka’s imagery inspired by the song. These are not illustrations but a visual answer to the song.

Takuji Hamanaka

Hamanaka’s work is the result of a continuing investigation into the characteristic visual effects and materials used in printmaking.

Tom Hammick

Hammick is both a painter and a printmaker; each process feeds the other, both informed by drawings, photographs and newspaper cuttings as source materials.

Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin

Havsteen-Franklin’s printmaking practice is concerned with exploring the boundaries of print. She uses traditional methods but at the same time encourages ‘foul biting’ and sews into the etching.

Sam Hodge

Hodge is a painter and printmaker with a background in Natural Science and Painting Conservation, making work that deals with materials and how they fall apart and decay, creating newly emergent forms.

Nif Hodgson

Hodgson uses the repeatable, unpredictable, and tactile qualities of printmaking, and through suggestive or shifting scenes, creates a space to consider where place and perception meet.

Claire Hynds

Inspired by the tradition of the New Topographics, Hynds’ work explores the ideals of urban planning with a special focus on the modernist aesthetic.

Manami Ito

Ito uses the traditional process of drypoint to create new printmaking imagery with a focus on the relationship between art and nature.

Jennifer König

References to nature abound in König’s work, with human longing and the relationship between landscape and abstraction being primary interests.

Irena Keckes

Merging intellectual and physical acts of making, and mind-body interrelations have been key components of Keckes' artistic query

Sun Ju Lee

Lee’s work uses a range of print-based processes as well as drawing and installation to create multi-layered works.

Liz K Miller

Miller's work considers how repetitive patterns are seductive to human beings, who thrive on cyclical, repetitive behavior

Hormazd Narielwalla

Narielwalla works in collage and prints utilising tailoring patterns to create artworks exploring the body, human culture and portraiture in abstracted form.

Hyunsung Park

Park’s work depicts chairs, focussing on the similarity between the shape of the chair, with legs, back, arms and that of the human body.

Susan Phillips

This ongoing series allows Phillips to engage in a sense of continual transformation, whereby work gently evolves through process and time.

Rachel Povey

Povey's aim is to create immersive pieces, often working on a large scale where she can lose herself in the dimensions of paper.

Susan Ridge

Ridge’s recent print work is created from X-ray images, which are developed from commissions with various radiology departments and museums.

Jenny Robinson 

Robinson’s studio is in San Francisco in an old naval shipyard overlooking the Bay. Interested in the redevelopment of the area she has made large-scale drypoints looking at the structures around her.

Tomiyuki Sakuta

Sakuta asked the people he met if he could draw their portrait. By focusing on people he was meeting for the first time, he aimed to capture his first impression of their character.

Augusto Sampaio

This project explores the opposition between ideas of individual/collective; theme/variation; invention/repetition; purpose/random and tradition/innovation.

Andrea Serafini

Serafini makes exquisitely drawn intaglio prints. In the series of construction sites, the buildings are obscured by scaffold and building materials.

Senye Shen

Shen is interested in perceptions of movement and exploring the invisible forces at work and the flow of energy in the natural world

Georges Wenger

Using the momentary ‘glance’ of photography and the focused act of linocutting Wenger's work explores perceived and measured time.