Welcome to the fourth International Print Biennale - the largest and most prestigious event for printmaking in the UK.

Galleries, museums and libraries across the North East of England will come together from 16 September to 30 October 2016 to present a programme of exhibitions and events which highlight the diversity of print. Showcasing regional, national and international artists, as well as taking a historical look at print in the region, the programme offers a very special opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of printmaking. 

Printmaking has always been referred to as the most democratic of artforms due to its unique ability to share information and ideas. The invention of print heralded a new age of sharing knowledge and ideas across many peoples and cultures - its arrival no less a revelation in mass communication than the advent of the Internet.  

Printmaking continues to communicate through the richness and diversity of images and ideas. International Print Biennale and the 2016 Print Awards bring the very best of printmaking from across the world into one unique event that celebrates artistic excellence in print. Whether you visit the exhibitions, get involved with events and workshops or even buy original prints, International Print Biennale is the must-see art event this Autumn. 

We are grateful for the enthusiasm of our many partners in bringing together this programme and hope you enjoy navigating your way around the venues as they reveal their relationship with printmaking.

Anna Wilkinson
Director, International Print Biennale


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