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Trevor Abbott

The prints selected for this exhibition are a direct reference to the beginnings of photography and modern tourism.

Mike Ainsworth

His practice primarily focuses on socio-political issues, often locally focused on observations where he is living and working at the time.

Tony Ameneiro

Botanical terms are used as a starting point to expand on ideas pertaining to regeneration and rebirth.

Ann Aspinwall

The vastness of limitless space induces an exhilarating sensation.

Anda Auzina

Drawing with hands leaves the sensual trace of hand prints combined with rough, relief texture of sand.

Trevor Banthorpe

WINNER: Northern Print Collaborative Prize. Woodblock prints are a celebration of the ordinary.

Annie Bissett

These prints highlight common American English clichés about money that use the same metaphor for both wealth and poverty.

Carolyn Bunt

Rigorous exacting photographic images of reductive architectural interiors and landscapes.

Victoria Burge

These works reflect an interest in tactile presence and an enquiry into the additive qualities of subtraction.

Scott Campbell

The in-depth understanding of colour, layering, the interplay of textures and mark making within screenprinting.

Susanna Castleden

Tracking every circular cruise across the world, as if they were happening simultaneously in every ocean and sea.

Eli Diner

Uprooted is a condition that characterizes cultural, psychological and even physical otherness.

Miloš Dorđević

When a utilitarian object loses primary function, although physically present, it ceases to exist.

Jason File

This work reflects on the function of institutions, structures and networks in society.

Richard Forster

Forster draws from photographs rather than from life - either using his own snapshots, or images found in magazines.

Susie Hamilton

These monoprints are of figures in the contemporary wilderness of a supermarket or shopping mall.

Marcelle Hanselaar

WINNER: Clifford Chance Purchase Prize. These images question why society should so rigidly validate conformity in appearance and behaviour.

Ellen Heck

WINNER: V&A Print Prize and Northern Print International Residency. Forty Fridas is a series of prints depicting women and girls dressed as painter and icon, Frida Kahlo.

Daniel Hosego

The work plays on the age old Hermetic notion of the artist as a melancholic.

Emma Hunter

Solve et Coagula is a series of cyanotypes exploring spiraling water flow-forms mirrored in the human heart muscle structure.

Robin Jung- Hun Kang

The city continually replenishes itself - despite lack of space, humans populate, as buildings continually rise.

Anthony Kirk

Stilled Lives, a still life of children's alphabet blocks, spells out with sardonic homage the name of one of the most powerful men in Washington, DC.

Alison Lambert

The accidental elements, which are also present in my drawing process, can be both intriguing and frustrating.

Jacky Longstaff

Discarded bricks collected along the North East coastline are represented in this series of prints.

Gesa Puell

Exploring the possibilities and the margins of lithography.

Ross Racine

The aerial view is used here to comment on society's occupation and transformation of the natural landscape.

Julie Roch-Cuerrier

WINNER: National Glass Centre Residency Prize. Maps intrigue us, and perhaps even more those that ignore mapping conventions.

Bob and Roberta Smith

WINNER: The Bryan Robertson Trust Award. The Feminist writers, journalists and musicians in my list of Feminist Icons simply talk good sense.

Jane Stobart

Amazing places that have taken me behind the closed doors of industry.

Ewelina Szydelko

Intimate urban scenery inspired by the interiors of old buildings in Cracow.

Carolyn Thompson

Developing pre-existing narratives into new adaptations that reference the original in either form or content.

Keith Coventry

The ‘Junk’ silkscreens access the detritus from the urban periphery and recycle it as high art.

Jane Kent

The silhouettes of unfolded cardboard packaging are equally central to her working method.

Bedwyr Williams

Bedwyr Williams is interested in the absolute worst-case scenarios and the people that get caught up in them.