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Dawn Cole

Cole's work has focused on the contradictions and contrasts evident in the archive, exploring themes of propaganda and deception, memory and recollection.

Rew Hanks

While humour is central to his work there is a respect and affection for history that is viewed through a wry and satirical lens.

Marta Lech

Marta Lech looks for situations in which the light causes the illusory impression of measured, finite structure.

Katsutoshi Yuasa

Yuasa's work is a metaphor of a story, a myth or a historical fact but it is unsettled.

Farniyaz Zaker

This collection relates directly to histories and memories embedded in gardens and carpets, both of which inspired Zaker's imagination as a child and continue to shape the memories of her childhood.

James Hugonin

James Hugonin worked with Master Printmaker Kip Gresham at The Print Studio, Cambridge to create this major work.

Stephen McNulty

Printmaking is about thinking and making. Screenprinting, at its purist, is about solid flat areas of colour - screenprinting simplified is about ink, a screen, a squeegee and paper stencils.

Danielle Abbiate

Danielle Abbiate conceptual focus lies in the constructs of her surroundings and she explores the meaning of 'place' within the urban environment on a large scale.

Eve Marguerite Allen

The staircases of Central Saint Martins became source material. The landings create artificial frames, the spirals imbue the centre of the image with a sense of the infinite.